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Topsoil & Fill Dirt

Topsoil & Fill Dirt for the Sumter Area

Let’s talk dirt

Soil is a staple when it comes to landscaping. We can help you pick the right soil for the right purpose. For a beautiful, lasting landscape, you will need top-quality soil from Burch’s Landscaping. We have topsoil and fill dirt for small residential gardens as well as topsoil and fill dirt that is perfect for large-scale contracting projects.

No matter what type of flowers, vegetables, or shrubbery that you want to grow, we can offer you the best topsoil to make your plants grow and flourish.

Fill Dirt
Local soils provides a good construction site grade of fill dirt / soil for economically raising up low areas. We have all the machinery needed to properly do any type of job requiring fill dirt. If we raise areas in your yard, we will generally top the fill dirt with a high quality top soil for lawns.


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